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Expand your marketing network!
Get buying leads across the globe.


Expand your buying network!  
Join GeotechGate and receive verified buying leads across the globe.

Get in direct contact with buyers.  
Get in direct contact with the buyer without any buying commission fee and without releasing any commercial aspects of your sales.

Manage your Leads!  
Manage your Buying Leads and keep track of them on our powerful platform.

Maximize your exposure!  
Maximize your exposure to geotechnical community through our platform.

Benefit from our marketing solution  
Cost-effective,  flexible, and transparent marketing solution.

 How does it work? 


Join GeotechGate. 
Register as a supplier and let us know about the products that you offer. Join now


Receive verified Buying Leads. 
We receive Quote Requests from the buyers on our website. Our geotechnical expert team analyzes the requests and gets the confirmation and necessary additional information from the buyer. Once the Quote Request verified, we send it to you as a Buying Lead.


Review and accept the Buying Lead. 

You review the Buying Lead and if interested, you accept it to get the contact information of the Buyer. 


Get in direct contact with the Buyer and proceed for the sale. 

We send you the contact information of the Buyer and let you proceed for the sale directly with the Buyer. You do not need to give us any information about your commercial aspects.

 Free registration

The registration is free of charge. Once your registration verified, we send you the Terms and Conditions and the instructions to activate your account.